No-hitters and eight-enders


What are the odds that in the same week that Francisco Liriano throws a no-hitter, a group of curlers would toss an eight-ender?

MPR’s Euan Kerr explains in this exclusive report:

Last night the St Paul Curling Club experienced a tiny bit of history. Team Urbanski scored an eight ender. For those of you not familiar with the niceties of curling, an eight-ender is when one team scores with all of its rocks during one end. It doesn’t happen very often. You might compare it with a no-hitter in baseball. Eight-enders are so rare that they are registered in the US Curling Museum in Steven’s Point. Euan Kerr (the bald guy in the orange shirt), who has curled since 1974, has only seen three and this was the first one in which he’s been involved. “Its a little weird being so ecstatic about something, but then having to explain to everyone why it’s such a big deal.” Also in the picture (left to right are Dan Rick, Brett Charpentier, and team skip Meghan Urbanski.

  • Jim Shapiro

    While I know very little about curling ( brooms and cast iron frying pans on a frozen bowling alley, right?),

    My favorite no-hitter was that pitched by Doc Ellis in 1970: He didn’t know that he was scheduled to pitch, and decided to take a handful of LSD.

    8 walks, 3 men hit ( the same guy all 3 times!), but no hits.

    Hey, did anybody do a blood test on Liriano after his gem?

    Do curlers have a propensity for psychedelic recreation?


  • Andy Kruse

    The difference is the acknowledgement that it’s about to happen.

    I’ve witnessed one eight-ender in my life. Before that final stone, word had spread down on the ice and everybody from every other sheet had gathered around the house. There was a crowd staring at that guy.

    In baseball, superstition would not allow it.

  • CHS

    Congrats to Euan and his team!

  • Tom Weber, MPR

    An amazing feat, for sure… my guess it would be rarer than a no-hitter, though I’ve no research to back that up.

    I get to curl w/ Euan on a team in the spring, so I’m happy to hear this happened for him!