News orgs trying to get Bin Laden photos

The news media is trying to get the Osama bin Laden death photos, filing a Freedom of Information request to liberate them.

“We would like to obtain images from the raid because we believe they would have significant news value,” the AP’s director of media relations, Paul Colford, tells the Atlantic Wire. “However, we would decide about publishing all or some on the images based on our own editorial standards, which include such factors as tastefulness and whether they could cause harm or danger to others.”

We already know — if you can believe the government — that the guy’s eye was shot out and part of his head was blown off. What part of tastefulness does that fit?

Politico has also filed a Freedom of Information request with the Pentagon. Keep in mind, the photos have been classified.

A couple of conservative groups have also filed FOIA requests.

Will the release of the photos put an end to conspiracy theorists? Not likely. Hitler’s suicide photos — alleged suicide photos — actually provided plenty of ammunition for people who insist that it was a double.

  • JackU

    First lesson in Conspiracy Theories 101 is that any factual evidence that disproves your theory is simply a fabrication that shows you are getting too close. This in turn reinforces the belief in the theory. “They” are only spending time on disproving this because “they” know we are right.

  • Jim Shapiro

    Dear JackU –

    Marvelous. Sounds remarkably similar to the thought processes of believers in the scientific validity of a really old book that speaks about the creation of the universe.

  • bsimon

    “What part of tastefulness does that fit?”

    Tastefulness doesn’t drive page views.