More reporters standing in water

Reader Dan Murphy has come through in our call for images of reporters standing in water to cover the Mississippi River flooding. He’s sent a picture of an ABC reporter standing on water.


I know what you’re thinking. No, Arkansas does not have a law about wearing life jackets in boats.

Reader Derek Schille was quick with the camera when NBC pushed the limits by pushing the reporter farther into the water last evening…


  • JackU

    Those two pictures lead to additional questions:

    First picture:

    1. Is the cameraman also in a boat?

    2. Why are there two guys in the boat with the reporter?

    Second picture:

    1. Again out of concern for the unseen camera operator, are they in a boat or are they also waist deep in water?

    2. How long before one network decides that to really show how bad the flood is the reporters have to be under water?


    First picture: Guy in blue shirt to guy in red shirt: I wish he would just sit down he’s scaring all the fish.

    Second picture: Man this water is cold. And I think there’s a fish in my waders.