Live: The 2,000-mile walk

Laura Wilkins is walking to visit her mother in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She’s in Tucson.

Wilkins, an artist, is streaming her walk 24/7, with a camera strapped to her head, connected to a solar-powered laptop in her backpack. “My artwork is about community and connections,” she says on her Web site. “I believe that safety comes from trust, community and collaboration. I hope to use social networking, both online and traditional, to safely cross the country.”

Walkng Home from Andrew Brown on Vimeo.

(h/t: Lorrie Sarafin)

She wants people to join her on her walk — it’s about 2,000 miles — and tell her stories. The closest she’ll get to Minnesota, however, is Dubuque.

Watch live video from lmilkins on

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