The bleak reality for Minnesota sports fans

Idea Peepshow has documented what many of us have been feeling for sometime. Let’s just hope that steep downward drop comes to an end soon.

Here it is. A chart proving that we’re enduring the worst-ever period for Minnesota sports.

Worse than the powder-blue seasons of Twins mediocrity in the 1970s. Worse than the short-but-painful Vikings reign of Les Steckel. Worse than the open wound of the Tim Brewster era at the University of Minnesota.


  • tboom

    On top of all this on-field loosing comes the Harmon Killebrew announcement. Harmon is probably Minnesota’s classist athlete … at least to kids of the 60’s.

  • Jim G

    Unlike the baseball movie Field of Dreams quote, ” If you build it ,they will come. ” The reality is if you build it, the owners realize huge profits, but they don’t invest it in talent. The owners get rich, and you watch losing teams. What is the game being played here?

    Not competitive baseball, football, hockey, or basketball; but carnies playing us for the fools we have become.

  • John O.

    You are correct tboom. I would go one step further and say that Harmon Killebrew IS the “gold standard” for how a professional athlete should carry himself or herself.