Does God send messages by tornado?

If you don’t think this is strange, it’s only because you haven’t thought of it yet.

Remember August of 2009, when the Lutherans were meeting in Minneapolis? They voted to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy. During the meeting, a tornado hit the convention center and nearby Central Lutheran Church. The Rev. Tom Brock (who later turned admitted struggling with his own sexual orientation) called the tornado an act of God.

“It was God saying ‘hello,’ and sadly, the Lutherans ignored it,” Brock said on a radio show.

Jump ahead to 2011. Two nights ago, a vote by ministers and elders meeting in St. Louis Park cleared the way for the nation’s largest Presbyterian group to reverse its ban on openly gay members of the clergy. And what was the other breaking news story of Tuesday evening?

Minnesota’s first tornado of 2011, that’s what. It touched down in Wright County, a far piece from St. Louis Park. But still.

Now, people are just asking for trouble when they try to discern the hand of God in severe weather, let alone in natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Think of Pat Robertson’s pronouncements on Haiti and 9/11. Even so, this is a pretty big coincidence.

Wait a minute, though. Didn’t the Lutheran vote come AFTER the 2009 tornado? We should check the headlines from Wednesday, not Tuesday night. What happened on Wednesday?

Here it is: “Minnesota Senate OKs same-sex marriage ban amendment.”

Hmm. Maybe we should just agree that God moves in mysterious ways, and leave it at that.

  • andy

    This is assuming there is in fact a god of course…… I happen to be one who assumes there isn’t.

  • Heather

    Riiiiiight… Like that rash of tornadoes in the south this spring was God’s way of saying “I hate birthers.”


  • John P.

    I keep hearing news reports about people staying put down in Memphis. They often say they are counting on God to protect them. I guess that means if the town floods, there is no God.

    I sound like an atheist but I am not. I just get annoyed with people giving credit to God for everything from touchdowns to winning the lottery, yet when things go wrong God gets none of the blame.

    So, does God run things or not?

  • Karen

    I was taught God created Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Adam. I’ve wondered over the years what people who get a sex change operation say to God. Hey, You made me wrong ! Guess we want the Bible to say what we want it to not what God says it is.

    Some day we all get to answer to him about our lives.

    Wonder how some will do..

    Good Luck

  • lucy

    @ karen

    does your god like football?

  • JStrander


    Funny bit there, freedom of religion gives people the right to live in a place without laws dictated by the precepts of a single religion.

    Granted, there are a lot of biblical arguments against what you stated but they aren’t really something to go into. Rather I’ll simply say that if a person chooses to perform an act that another Christian believes will send them to hell then that is their choice, according to not only the State but to God in the bible.

  • brooklyn


    “Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matthew 7:1).”

  • Dyson

    “Does God Send Messages By Tornado?”

    I believe that God sends messages in the state of Minnesota by way of stupid politicians who back stupid ideas like building football stadiums that we don’t need with money we don’t have .

    If you want a football stadium fine -you can pay for it but don’t make the people who are already struggling to make ends meet pay for something they do not need.

  • Matt C

    I believe you are making the classic statistical mistake of causation vs correlation. Just because tornadoes seem to hate gays doesn’t mean God likes tornadoes.