What Minnesota representatives do


  • boB from WA

    Window cleaning?

  • Jean

    My legislator is always serving his constituents, even when he’s not in session. Thanks, Rep. Rukavina!

  • John Hoffacker

    This graph is useless. Come on. Give us information.

  • Bob Collins

    What would you like, John?

  • AmosFiveAndDime

    How about a breakdown of occupations by party affiliation?

  • Bob Collins

    Had it and didn’t bother posting b/c there’s virtually no difference. There are as many educators who are Republican as Democrats. There are as many homemakers who are Democrats as Republicans. Even splits on attorneys.

    Interesting: More Republicans are career politicians than Democrats.

  • Jamie

    What qualifies some in the graph as politicians but not others, when they’re all politicians?

  • Bob Collins

    Whether they have another job