The 90-square foot apartment

Because the Twins are making their first and only visit to New York this week, we’re required by the Blogging Code to point out at least one aspect of New York that clearly highlights Minnesota’s superiority. Generally, our baseball squad doesn’t qualify.

But this does:

She owns two plates, one knife, fork and spoon.

  • Bose

    Actually, I saw this a few days ago, and it left me desperately missing life in New England.

    I loved living in simple space, the ease of being car-free, city life that didn’t wrap up at 8pm.

    Compare that to St. Peter, where a lot of errands are walking-friendly, but nearby Mankato is a 3-1/2 hour walk or a $30 cab fare. Exactly one bus is available each way daily between here and the Cities. The price of a free-standing home is the inordinate amount of time and money spent mowing, shoveling, and maintaining it. I lived in the most-dense state (CT) but had a much clearer sense of independence from inquisitive/nosy neighbors.

    I probably wouldn’t scale back to 90 sq ft, but 150-200 in NYC sounds like heaven.

  • Bob Collins

    Alas, NJ now has the distinction of being the state with the highest population density (DC, not being a state, is eliminated from the competition)