‘Mauer shake?’ No, please.

The best way to get a video to “go viral” is not to try so hard. Or be truly horrible.

FoxSports North says this video, from some Twins fans in Duluth, is sweeping the Internet and “catching the attention of Twins fans everywhere.” They’re trying to create a dance for Joe Mauer’s birthday.

No. Just…. no.

“The ‘Mauer shake’ is catching on throughout the state,” the FoxSports story says.

Mauer’s birthday is today. The best way to celebrate it is in silence and quiet contemplation. Please.

  • Rachel

    You’re a bunch of fun crushers. And this is awesome.

    And I’ve been doing the Mauer shake off and on ALL day.

    And this video is hardly viral. It’s just popular in the TC.

    You have a stick in your rear end, and you should probably remove it. 🙂

  • Birthday Boys

    Man. We are just two college guys making a fun damn video for Joe Mauer. It is just to bad that one person can be such a complete jerk. Well, thanks for wasting your time writing about this Bob. Glad credible sources like ESPN, Yahoo, FSN, etc. actually like it!

  • Bob Collins

    Sorry, fellas, but that’s the reality of the performing arts.

    If it makes any difference, I don’t like “the wave,” either. And throwing the ball you caught back because it was hit by the other team. What’s that all about?

  • Joe Mauer

    I would advise everyone not to do the “Mauer shake”. After attempting this dance last week I experienced lingering leg weakness and I do not know when I will be back at 100%.

  • Glen Donahue

    I find it funny that you (birthday boys) would be cross at someone for expressing their own opinion on what you have deliberately created and put into a public arena. Criticism goes hand in hand when you enter the media realm, maybe you two aren’t cut out for it if you let this article get to you.

  • Eric

    Glen I find it funny how you are trying to rip on these guys. They made a hit video for, got full access to the twins stadium, made the headline of various major sport networks, and they are only in their early 20’s. What have you done with your life that can match up to that? Doesn’t matter what they say about their haters or what the haters say about them. Birthday Boys are better than you.

    Winners: Birthday Boys

    Loser: Glen Donahue