Gas prices up again

Twin Cities gasoline prices got a real jolt today went the price of a gallon of gasoline jumped by more than 20 cents a gallon, to $3.80.

The last time we were in this territory was August 2008.

It’s not terribly hard to figure out what’s up: Higher oil prices for one.

Minnesota Historical Gas Price Charts Provided by

Experts says the commodity jumped on reports the war in Libya could last for months, possibly years. Libya is responsible for about 2 percent of the world’s oil supply. But refiners are also switching to their “summer blends,” for the summer driving season.

This is a good time to resurrect our gas price calculators. Some of these are outdated but one of my favorites is still the one that calculates whether it’s worth driving a little farther to save a few pennies a gallon.

  • Bob Moffitt

    We haven’t launched cruse missles at Alberta, Canada, have we?

  • Josh

    Time to start riding my bike to work more…

  • Chris

    Do we know why the price dropped so steeply in the summer/fall of 2008? Please tell me it wasn’t just to ensure low prices going into the presidential election season…

  • Bob Collins

    2008? The economic collapse took away the demand.

  • Jimmy

    Welcome to the true reality of controlled system. Next is water Wars.