Floods make for good neighbors


Most of us don’t know many of our neighbors anymore and if it weren’t for the occasional flood, maybe the Riverview neighborhood of Moorhead would be like anywhere else.

But it’s not like anywhere else, unless there’s another place where a few dozen neighbors are gathering for an outdoor party, a few feet from the swollen river that still is a threat to their homes.

But what else is there to do besides celebrate another spring of pulling together and helping each other out against the river, which crested at 38.78 feet Saturday afternoon and was at 38.7 feet by the time the burgers were ready Saturday evening?

Overconfident? Hardly. There are plans for some of the kids to check the sandbagged dikes every hour through the night. Grateful? Absolutely. You can’t survive the fourth-highest water in history unless everyone depended on everyone else. The two constants here are high water and a committed group of residents.

“When do have the planning meeting for next year?” I asked.

“This is it,” Donna Morse said.

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t kidding.

  • JB

    Thank you Bob for giving us a boost! Be careful, you might make a few more neighbors MPR fans… We look forward to having you visit Riverview Circle when walking into our backyards does not require a life jacket or a bag of sand. You are welcome here anytime!

  • The Hoffs

    It was wonderful to meet you, Bob! Thanks for sharing the story of our cozy, little neighborhood with the rest of MInnesota.

  • Lily

    This sounds like an awesome group of folks…Thanks for sharing your story with us. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. As a former Concordia Cobber, I remember Moorhead’s people as always being the salt of the earth. Nothing has changed…