Caption contest: The duck

If it snows like winter, is it winter? Spied outside News Cut’s Woodbury bureau. Caption it:



  • jon

    some migratory animals are just dumb.

  • Congratulations, you’ve won me as pet for the day! Now let me in Bob or else you’ll be hearing me quacking at your bedroom window all summer long at 4AM sharp!

  • David

    Snow? I must be quacking up.

  • “I *knew* that I should have made a left turn at Albuquerque”

  • Bismuth

    Snow in April? That’s a motherducker.

  • andy

    “To heck with this, I’m moving to Hollywood. I wonder if Aflac is still hiring……”

  • How long was I sleeping?!

  • Nathan

    What the duck?

  • The Big Dog

    I can’t believe I flew through a storm just for the “Mauer Shake”.

  • Jim Shapiro

    “C’mon, Bob. Use some of that exorbitant salary that you get from that socialist public media job and feed me.” 🙂

  • Dan


  • JackU

    Now where did I put that nest….

    Maybe over here?

  • Tyler

    “I thought the ice was out…?”

  • Arid Loon

    I only turned around once. Of all the days to fall in love with a swan.

  • Drae

    “Do not panic! This is only a test. Had this been the actual Armageddon, this snow would have been followed by a Vikings world championship…”