Behind the microphone

There are a couple of radio guys who deserve a little extra recognition this week.


This guy, for instance. Tom Robertson is a workhorse reporter who has been called from his home in the Bemidji area to help cover the flooding in western Minnesota. He’s done great work while living out of a motel in Moorhead for the last few weeks, but he gets the spotlight this week because he missed his birthday last Friday (we had a small cake for him in the Moorhead bureau) so that MPR listeners could hear (and read, of course) the latest on the flood.

Two years ago, he missed the birth of a grandchild for the same reason.

Then, there’s this young man (click image for larger image). Gary Eichten is being given the Frank Premack Graven award from the University of Minnesota. The Graven Award is given each year to members of the journalistic community whose contribution to excellence in the profession merits special recognition. He will receive the award on Monday evening.


“I’m now one step closer to the Graven,” he joked during a little celebration in the newsroom this afternoon, shortly before reminding us that we’re lucky to work where we work.

  • Joanna

    Thanks for Tom Robertson for doing a great job, and congratulations to Gary Eichten. Their work makes my daily life better, and I appreciate it!