A look back at opening day

I missed following the Twins’ opening day last week because I was on assignment elsewhere. Fortunately, this outfit has captured the day and posted a mini-doc:

2011 MN Twins Opening Day // Target Field from capture studios on Vimeo.

The National Guard soldiers with the American flag was certainly an impressive moment. It would have been more impressive if I hadn’t already read today’s Letters to the Editors in the Star Tribune.

I am writing out of frustration. My husband is a soldier in the Minnesota National Guard and was given the opportunity to be on the field for the flag-bearing ceremony at the Twins home opener, a once-in-a-lifetime event.

However, he was offered no seat for the game, no standing-room option, no offer to even purchase seats in the farthest reaches of the stadium — and, therefore, no opportunity for at least one family member to share in the experience.

When we found out about the opportunity, we tried to log on and buy tickets as any regular fan would have expected to do. But with all the website problems, it took us more than four hours to find out that none were available.

We were left to choose an enormous up-charge with additional service fees if we wished to attend. I cannot imagine why this was arranged this way.

For some of these soldiers who are deploying (within 60 days), this may be their only opportunity to get to see a game, let alone take part in the honor of holding the flag they defend.

I hope that the Twins recognize what a terrible message this sends to those who sacrifice so much, yet ask nothing in return.