St. Paul’s floodcam

The flood is now officially on, with the activation today of the St. Paul flood webcam along the Mississippi River.

You can find the images here (or just hit “refresh”) and watch the swallowing of Raspberry Island and construction of the temporary levee being constructed on Shepard Road.

Now is probably a good time to review these health guidelines on dealing with flooding from the Minnesota Department of Public Health..

Are you in a potential flood zone? Let us know how you’re doing.

  • Bonnie

    Hey Bob,

    When the flooding is all over…don’t forget that some poor slugs have to clean it all up. Last year a group from my office helped clean up Harriet Island. It is nasty. Maybe we’ll do it again and maybe we won’t. This isn’t stuff you can send boy scouts and girl scouts to do…it is toxic and potentially dangerous. It ain’t nearly as sexy as sandbagging. But volunteers go out and pull trash and even dead things, out of sludge to give the park a head start.

  • Bob Collins

    Bonnie: Give me a call (651-290-1414) if you do. I’d love to join in.