Radio station’s Hmong parody sparks backlash

KDWB radio in the Twin Cities is apologizing for a song that aired last week by one of its morning show employees. The morning show sidekick — Steve-O — sang these lyrics to the tune of “Tears in Heaven.” (audio here)

No room for a couch

‘Cause we sleep on the floor

One big group of Vangs

Hmong family of twenty-four

Kids work in St. Paul

Hang out at the mall

‘Cause I know they dwell so well

Thirty Hmongs in a house

Hmongs get pregnant early

First baby at 16

Seven kids by 23

Over the hill by 30

Like sardines they live

Packed in a two-room house with the kids

But you know they age quite well

They be Hmongs.

On the audio, popular radio personality Dave Ryan laughs and then appears to anticipate the backlash, adding, “I am not laughing at your song.”

Rob Morris, the station’s program director posted a message on the station’s Facebook page. He did not declare the bit wrong, but apologized to those who think it was:

KDWB-FM and the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show are very proud that members of the Hmong community are some of our most loyal listeners and fans.

Our listeners understand that The Dave Ryan in the Morning show is a comedy show meant to entertain, and that much of its content is parody. While we’ve received positive feedback from many Hmong listeners who let us know that they found the song in question very humorous, we apologize to anyone we may have inadvertently offended, as this was never our intent.

We appreciate the support we continue to receive from all of our listeners.

Morris said the subsequent discussion on the Facebook page about the incident is “healthy.”


This afternoon, the Twin Cities chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association issued this statement:

Last week, one of the Twin Cities’ top-ranked radio stations, KDWB-FM 101.3, featured a parody song on its morning program that has offended some members of the Asian-American community. The two-minute song by radio personality Steve-O mocked housing issues and teen pregnancy in the Hmong community. The song, which has gone viral, was part of an occasional segment on the popular “Dave Ryan in the Morning Show.” After soliciting listener-suggested song titles, Steve-O writes and sings a song, which is often meant to be in jest.

While the Minnesota chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association acknowledges the role of parody, we’ve heard from members of the community who found these remarks offensive and in poor taste. We know KDWB has a large Hmong listenership. We urge the station to take heed when promoting material that stereotypes and marginalizes a large segment of its fan base. It appears that the station recognizes the legitimacy of these concerns. We commend KDWB for addressing the situation. The station has issued a statement (which can be read below). It has also promoted a healthy discussion on its Facebook page, where many Hmong listeners are chiming in with comments.

In regards to Asian-American issues, we hope AAJA can serve as a resource to KDWB’s programming in the future.

Morning radio has a history of incidents of racial and ethnic insensitivity in the Twin Cities. In the early ’90s, KSTP fired a show host after a sidekick made jokes about drunken Native Americans. In 2007, some Native Americans protested KQRS after morning hosts made jokes about incest and suicide on the reservations.

  • John P.

    I can’t believe they do something like this and think there will not be a backlash. They do it to get noticed.

  • Heather

    I avoid that kind of crap by listening to The Current. Thank you, awesome DJs!

  • It is insulting, but the not-so-apologetic apology is almost as bad. Learn to admit there was a mistake, a lapse in judgement, or whatever. But please, learn what a real apology is. I am a “young” adult at the age of 27, but a true apology is one of the best things I have learned how to do.

  • andy

    I am truly shocked, insulted, dismayed and a little sad….. that KDWB is still a “top-ranked radio station” in the Twin Cities. Yikes.

  • Jim Shapiro

    The bottom line for me regarding the use of stereotypes in humor is who is making the joke.

    That is, Martians can tell jokes about Martians, even if politically correct Venusians are offended,

    but it’s not appropriate for a Venusian to make the same joke,

    particularly if Venusians are in the more powerful majority and Martians are discriminated against because of their green skin or “strange” cultural norms.

    The response by the AAJA is refreshingly level-headed and appropriate.

  • Tim

    I’ve never understood the logic behind “if this is not offensive to some members of a group, then nobody in that group has the right to take offense” reasoning.

  • Disco

    I’m going to say something here that won’t be popular, but I want to say it anyway.

    But first, this was an idiotic radio stunt. However, I expect that from KDWB. I never listen to them. They’re fun if you’re 15 maybe.

    However, are people mad because the parody said things that aren’t true? Probably not the reason we’re mad. Were they parroting stereotypes? If so, how did those stereotypes develop? My friend used to tell me that stereotypes aren’t formed in a vacuum.

  • Albatross

    Well, I had JUST stumbled across KDWB the other day, but I guess it will be pretty easy to go back to not listening to it anymore.

  • Sensitivity

    1.) generally poor radio station playing top-40 garbage that placate youth and make old people feel young.

    2.) the bit is racist and so are bits made in the opposite direction, whether or not the insinuations are made by the group or by a group outsider.

    3.) these modern media pseudo-apologies are moronic and insult the intelligence of the offended – might as well tell them to shove it rather than pretend to say you’re sorry.

    4.) this is about the fact that our society is polarized and unable to process the diversity that comprises it and is more segregated than it’s ever been.

    sad day, but expected.

  • aa

    i called the station (952-417-3000) and was told that it happened a week ago, many hmong people think it’s funny & they already issued an apology. at one point he stated: “what do you want from me? do you want a pound of flesh?!” what i never heard was an actual apology.

  • Kevin Watterson

    I think we should always remember to laugh at ourselves…but only when things are funny. This song was not funny, it is insulting.

  • Josh (not Hmong)

    The “statement” from the station does not qualify as an apology. They spend the bulk of it writing about why it was okay for the song to air and then implied that the problem was more that some people were sensitive enough to get offended.

    What Steve-O and “the station” intended is only one half of the equation, the impact matters as well, and people are responsible for both the intent and impact of their actions. Even children recognize this when they bat a ball into a neighbor’s window – they certainly didn’t intend to break the window, but their actions still had that impact and they’re responsible for the harm. And then when they apologize, they don’t say “I’m sorry your window got in the way of the ball,” they say “I’m sorry I broke your window.”

    Instead of saying “We’re sorry that you’re over-sensitive and your feelings got in the way of our comedy,” the apology needs to simply be “We’re sorry we hurt you.”

  • Betsy

    I stopped listening to KDWB when the morning show played a practical joke involving pedophiles and sexual predators.

    My only hope is that most of the people who listen to this quality of programming are too self-involved to vote.

  • Bruce


    If you notice in the splibit of discussion they showed from Facebook, VERY few people saw it as any sort of big deal… it even looks as if a couple of the members of the “whatever it’s not a big deal” camp are Hmong themselves.

    Even the statement from the AAJA commended them for the preemptive statement and the fostering of healthy discussion.

    So if the Asian American Journalists Association, while responding to concerns from their community, still basically said, “OK, not the best taste move, but good on ya, KDWB, for being on top of things and your handling of the situation,” then why is everyone else all up in arms about it??

    Plus, it’s the Dave Ryan Show on KDWB… I mean, seriously people… he’s been on the air for how many ump-teen years and y’all still haven’t learned to not take him seriously?!

  • Jim Shapiro


    While I mostly agree with your assessment, I take issue with

    ” The bit is racist and so are bits made in the opposite direction, WHETHER OR NOT THE INSINUATIONS ARE MADE BY THE GROUP OR BY A GROUP OUTSIDER.”

    Satirical comments made about one’s self or one’s group are not commonly considered racist, but rather are known as HUMOR, whether or not YOU happen to think it’s appropriate or funny.

    I’m left curious as to what you DO consider to be appropriate humor.

  • aa

    the difference between the Dave Ryan Show making fun of White people VS. Hmong people are:

    1. no one on the dave ryan show is actually hmong

    2. institutional and societal White privilege

    3. institutional and societal stereotyping & discrimination of people of color

    people of color don’t speak out because they are afraid they will be accused of being “oversensitive” or “crazy” or even worse, “ungrateful”…all names used to historically silence both women & racial minorities. i don’t need to smile more or “lighten up”- i’m very happy and clear headed, we just need to stop explicitly & implicitly accepting this type of media.

    – asian am. female

  • olinad airanivoL

    This isn’t really a shocking stunt by the “NOT so talented”, squeaky voice (annoying) and “trying hard” Steve-O. He’s beyond insensitive and uneducated, granted that he’s taking some online courses. I am surprised about the letter from KDWB PR or executive representative. The letter indicated no apology about Steve-O’s inappropriate behavior.

    I’ve decided to boycott this show and plan to encourage all my FB friends to do the same. To Steve-O: take some cultural sensitivity courses, perhaps you might learn some manners and class.

  • Jen

    I don’t care for KDWB, I stopped listening after I hit puberty.

    However, while I don’t find the tune particularly creative, it is not entirely inaccurate either. So what is wrong with singing about things that do regularly happen in the Hmong community? It is not to be said that this is the way all Hmong families live, but it would be foolish to believe that none (or even only a small percentage) of them live like this either.

    We make fun of people who live in trailers, we make fun of yuppies, there is an entire genre for black humor. Nobody used racial slurs so I don’t see what the big deal is.

  • Suzanne

    I’m happy to have NO IDEA where to find that station on the dial, not that I would ever need to look for it thanks to the The Current!!

  • Shannon

    DITTO!!! – What Jen posted!!!

    Plus – I’m sure that all of you have seen stand-up comedy, which is entirely the same thing. Nobody gets pissed at comedians, because that’s what they go to see. This show does parodies and other comical skits.

    Don’t take life, yourself and things SO seriously!!!!

  • c

    @ Jim Shapiro

    ‘I’m left curious as to what you DO consider to be appropriate humor.’

    While I realize that your question was not directed towards me, but it wouldn’t be the first time I spoke out of turn. As a matter of fact I do this well.

    Jim I think you are funny. I like your witty comments and I look forward to yours and a few others who post.

  • MuFFugginLover

    I use to listen in on the show when I was younger. But of course that phase has died on me because mainstream music is horrible. And not to mention KDWB is washed up. You can’t take nothing serious. You’ll just end up getting your feelings hurt.

  • Jim Shapiro

    @ c –

    Thanks for the wonderful compliment.

    Much of my attempted humor is redirected rage, and it’s thoughtful people like you who make it all worthwhile. I’ll try to pass on your kindness.

  • hmongperson

    i’m sick and tired of the racists in this country. if they don’t want diversity, they have to go and live in a different planet. yes, this is america, but they don’t give birt to this land.

  • Jer

    I don’t know how many times I hate it when ignorant people ask me things they’ve HEARD about my people. It’s annoying and not funny to generalize a group of people. This paints false and misleading information subjecting my people to be mistreated based on biases information. Most of it is not funny rather a reality check on poverty and social issues facing Hmongs in MN. Yes some of it is true but does not pertain to ALL Hmong people. Totally unacceptable and irresponsible of a Radio Show that is favored among many Hmong people. This kind of humor leads to cruel and racial treatment from outsiders. Please don’t feel sorry or laugh at us that we live in large families or are young mothers yet understand why we are not fortunate to live in big houses and why teen pregnancy is an increasing problem? When you can answer these questions, you can begin to understand what it means to be Hmong. We Hmongs have suffered enough already in the US. This adds to that pile. Thanks KDWB for contributing to ignorance.

  • Eddie Xiong

    Wow, these words hurt !

    It’s hard enough trying to make ends meet in a new country. Sometimes you envy such lives when you first arrived in such a great country and then you wake up to a reality that regardless of where you go, there will always be a Dave Ryan and KDWB.

    Eddie Xiong

  • P.Xiong

    I’m more upset about the fact that we’ve been in this country for 30 years and spell check still doesn’t recognize the word “hmong”. Lighten up folks. It’s KDWB. Is ANYTHING they do appropriate?

  • true

    i find it ironic how they said “While we’ve received positive feedback from many Hmong listeners who let us know that they found the song in question very humorous” but then in snap shot of the facebook discussion 9 of them are white and one asian who didn’t make any feedback on the song. Can they at least take a snap shot of the hmongs who gave them positive feed back?

  • c

    Back at you Jim S-

    “Much of my attempted humor is redirected rage”,

    Well yah but same here, and what i appreciate is that you point out the ridiculousness in the action of the subject at hand.

    *They* need to hear that otherwise, as lame as it sounds, *they* are so blind and disconnected *they* would not have a clue and would continue creating the messes that *they* make.

    About the Hmong culture: I have lots of respect for the Hmong culture. They unite as clans.

    I have recently met a wonderful woman from Laos and her life story is absolutely incredible as to how she began, where her life led her and where she is now. It wasn’t easy. She was far from a privileged trust fund baby that we so often see at the top in the US.

    About this issue of many people living in one home. With this economy it would seem wise to me for many to live under one roof. Never any shame in that (if you believe in shame to begin with)

  • Cara

    Bob: Perhaps you could forward this discussion to the powers that be at KDWB.

  • The song is disrespectful. Bad judgement on KDWB. Not having consideration for others. Steveo did the damage already and than tries to pass it off by calling it a parody. Again in 2005 radio station HOT 97 made a “parody” Tsunami Song of the tsunami victims in Indonesia. Over 200,000 lives lost, family, friends, kids ect. That is not funny and people telling me to lighten up?

  • am

    if i was to walk up to a black man and called him nigger, thief, school drop out, drug dealer, rapist, and a fried chicken lover, then would he consider that a parody or a racist remark?

    for hell i know, i’ll get my ass kicked.

  • Jamie

    What’s up with the lack of capital letters here?

  • MJ Xiong

    Thank goodness I don’t listen to KDWB! This is probably why I’m just hearing about this “Parody”.

    Here’s what the general public don’t understand about “us” Hmong people. We are survivors! We’ve survived persecution time and time again, from one country to the next and yet, ask any Hmong person and they will tell you they are proud to be a Hmong. The ignorance of KDWB isn’t going to kill us or weaken us. In fact, it does the opposite for me.

    I’m proud of my BIG family! I am the second oldest of TEN! Nine girls and a boy! YES! You must be thinking, “Man! My tax money went to raise all those kids!” Let me remind you, we ARE survivors. My dad worked every day of his life since we came to the US in 1978 earning minimum wage of $2.65. He worked at the same job for 20+ years and put 8 of his children through college.

    As a small child growing up, we did share a 3 bedroom apartment with two other families. What’s wrong with that people? Instead of depending on the government to hand us aide, we did whatever we needed to do. Again, survival! Can you imagine the life long lessons a child learns from such experiences? Sharing, patience, interpersonal skills, selflessness, etc…

    Hmong girls married at 16, seven kids by 23, and over the hill by 30? Hmmmm…I guess that wasn’t me. Bachelor degree by 23, married by 26, home owner by 28, Masters degree by 30, and three small children by 38. You would never guess I’m Hmong! The truth is, there are MANY successful Hmong woman locally and nationally but we don’t ever hear about them. What we hear are the stereotypes of an older generation of Hmongs. Times have changed people!

    As a Hmong, I can say that I will never be homeless, go hungry, or feel alone because my family, my clan, and my fellow Hmongs will be there for me. My BiG family have taught me how to survive and be a contributing/productive citizen!

  • hmoobusa

    Editorial printed in the Asian American Press by Dr. Daniel Hess.


    KDWB or KKKB

    On a recent KDWB Dave Ryan in the Morning Show, radio listeners were assaulted with a performance of self-pleased bigotry, so hurtful and unashamed as to leave one reeling.

    In an ostensible attempt at comedy, the Morning crew giggled their way through a parody of Eric Clapton’s elegy, Tears in Heaven, with lyrics rewritten to dehumanize Hmong people living in our community. Instead of humor, though, what they actually achieved was violence.

    In just two breathtakingly contemptuous verses, Dave and his crew were able to attack, demean, and degrade using caricatured references and images of poverty, vermin, child sexuality, promiscuity, physical unattractiveness, child neglect, and ignorance.

    Also, it strikes one as curious that they chose to reference Eric Clapton, who is quoted from a 1976 U.K. concert haranguing the crowd with self-proclaimed racism:

    “…get the foreigners out…I used to be into dope, now I’m into racism…send them all back…this is a White country…we need to make clear to them they are not welcome…we are a White country…I don’t want [expletives deleted] living next to me with their standards.”This is the same message sent by the KDWB Morning crew.

    When the predicable response is eventually offered by KDWB (in lieu of repair or prevention), be wary of what we’ve been trained to expect: “It was all unfortunate and unintended,” and “don’t be so sensitive, it was only a joke.” Given the history of similar incidents in this area, the intensity of prejudice expressed, and the obvious delight shown in their bigotry, a deeper truth is betrayed. This was intended to be harmful; any other explanation defies credibility.

    Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?

    No. Not as long as you don’t care to know my name or my humanity on earth.

    Will it be the same if I saw you in heaven?

    Sadly, yes, as long as our eyes allow us to see only a projection of our internalized hatred and disgust we harbor for people whom we choose to fit into a categories we define as inferior to ourselves.

    Tears, indeed.

    Dr. Daniel Hess



  • Mai

    The one thing they don’t understand, is that, this goes on in every race also. It doesn’t matter what culture or color of your skin. But pinning it only on hmongs? This is why its racism. Not every hmong is like this, that is why many find it offensive. Same goes for every other stereotypes out there, everyone probably done it, but seeing that it occurs mostly with a certain race, they pin it on that race. THAT IS WHY ITS CALL RACISM. Also, coming from a well known radio station, that’s even worst. What does that tell us? That probably they don’t care about their listeners.. hmm.

  • s.Yang

    All cultures have young teenage girls who gets pregnant at 16, families whose whole family has probably slept in one room, yes and who ever said growing old was something that never happens. But to have a popular mn radio station make comments like that just sends out the wrong message to listeners. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THE STATION but it isn’t the first time also, and after so many smart remarks what will “sorry” even mean anymore.

    If you educate your listeners more wisely or get to know your listeners, your station would never have a problem with making such smart remarks.

    P.s. Didn’t we learn this from watching “remember the titans”. The friend you didn’t know til you got to know them, there after they were the one you let no one disrespect.

  • Fed Up With These Comments

    My god people it is Dave Ryan and it was just a joke. Lighten up. Things like this happen all the time on television anwith Family Guy and South Park…if it’s offensive don’t listen but quit your whining.

    It was a JOKE!”

  • Laydeehlove

    This song was very offensive. An apology will be said but not accepted due to the fact that they had used a “Christian” song to add in their own pathetic lyrics to make it sound bad.

  • C Xiong

    Some people think this is a joke, but try this. Suppose are white, asian, etc. Walk to a black community and call them Niger. You will know the difference between joke and reality pretty fast. Not just black, any community will give knock some sense into your head (with a baseball bat, of course).

    A joke is a joke, but racism is not.


  • Turzovka

    Well, at least there is some sensitivity out there. I just wish they would treat He that created us all (God) with a little more sensitivity as well. Life is too serious and important to make a joke out of whatever we choose. Care for your brother and you will surely be more prudent.

  • Really?

    Hmong families mainly live together because of housing issues? Maybe someone should tell that to my Hmong friend because her family lives together because they like to live all together and that is what their culture does.

    How does living together translate into ‘poor”?

    Good thing no one ever tells Catholic jokes… oh wait… they do.

  • dan

    People are too dang sensitive these days. Way too much politically correctness in the world. Sheesh!

    If you don’t like it, if it offends you, listen to a different radio station. If you do, keep listening. What a concept. Not that hard. But instead, there has to be public outcry. So lame.

    Duh, winning.

  • Ayre

    I’m sure it was not done intentionally, but regardless, it is never acceptable to crack jokes about other races.

    As a popular as kdwb, language should be more censored. We really don’t need to be fed bigotry for breakfast.

    We, as human beings,make mistakes all the freaken time, but come on, I expect a little bit more sensitivity when it comes to diversity.

    As a long time listener, I will have to refrain from listening to kdwd.


    Just a concerned fellow Hmong who feels that aside from getting a cheap laugh at the expense of a relatively underrepresented community, people like Dave Ryan don’t really know (or perhaps care much) about who we really are: mostly hard working Americans who sacrificed everything—as Allies of the United States during the Vietnam War—and continue to strive to make a better life for ourselves and our families in this new country we now call home. Frog Town got turned around and revitalized in large part due to the backs of hard-working Hmong tax paying businesses, consumers, tax-payers, home owners and concerned citizens. The stereotypes speak nothing of this.

    My major concern is not really about me or your average Hmong person who can speak up for ourself and laugh off such ignorant rants as facetious, baseless and not worth one’s time of the day. What agitates me is that undeniable visceral feeling about the “little guy” who cannot—like our parents who cannot speak or understand one word of English or our kids who get laughed at . . . and worst yet bullied because, “Hey—big deal—it’s ok to laugh at Hmong people. Come on! Who cares. Get over it . . . it’s just a joke!”

    Thank you Health Partners and AT&T; the back-lash is coming! And . . . the really funny thing is . . . now it’s no longer funny to people like Dave Ryan/KDWB; they just don’t get it (the punch line—that is). Perhaps, now . . . they’re the victim. Oh no . . . not so funny now when the table gets turned.

  • NSOG

    I believe that often, racial jokes like these are brushed away due to people not coming together to do something about it. Therefore when there are those who wants to step up and do something, they are seen as the “complainers”. But, if we wish to see change, we must make change, and that is why slowly, many Hmongs are standing up for this.

  • gcv

    For those of you who are Hmong, and support this kind of stuff then go ahead and laugh it off. And then when your children or younger siblings or someone you love is being bullied about being Hmong, keep on laughing it off and call it a “joke”, because this is the kind of thing you support. I am not from MN, but I find it highly offensive that people who have no clue what hell the Hmong people went through and are STILL going through because of the United States have the audacity to talk about the struggles that the Hmong face and call it funny?! Let’s just laugh off every racial joke and assume that everyone will take it lightly. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up in America and the chance to become a successful person, but I know that I wouldn’t have that chance if it was for my ancestors that fought so hard for their freedom in Laos/Thailand. So talking about 30 Hmong people crammed in one house is NOT funny because NOT everyone has the chance to be so rich and afford a big ol’ mansion. My family and I struggle everyday to maintain the house that we rent. So maybe the next time you want to consider something funny, you might want to consider what you are promoting. TEEN PREGNANCY IS NOT FUNNY. RACISM IS NOT FUNNY. BULLYING IS NOT FUNNY.

  • we the people

    A joke is a joke, but this is no joke. The message is simple. This so called “parody” is to talk down to this particular group of minorities, to dehumanize them, to make this group feel inferior, to tell this group they are not wanted, to antagonize them, to make sure they know we think of them as less than animals, to show the world how disgusted we are of them living amongst our community. Make no doubt this is the real message here, only in a coyish way, a way so they do not have to spell it out. Please people, if this is the way you truly feel, be consistent about it, don’t dance around the issue, come out and be proud of yourself and your beliefs. But overall, please be a man about it and don’t hide between the lines. Hidden prejudice is the worst kind. In any situation, I would much rather just know up front, wouldn’t you? Make no doubt, I take this message as “..If you know what is good for you, get out of OUR communities, we do NOT want you here!”

  • Ghost

    Wow, this is very wrong and I always been listening to KDWB since I was very young, since 1979, I was born in 1976, this is dehumanizing, I am very upset, im hmong and live here almost all my life, my kids sleep with me, three in a bed, wth, is there a fawkin problem, who gives a shiat, does all job pay enough for the hmong to advance in life and move out of the fawkin house, wt fawk…im pissed off

  • real talk

    seriously it is not that serious. people are racist everyday and nobody does anything about it. this is just another race like who cares. deal with it and move on people are making too much of a big deal out of this

  • Concerned Listener

    I am outraged and appalled that this type of irresponsibility would be allowed to foster itself in the name of “We didn’t mean anything; we didn’t think we were offending anyone.” How in hell could you think you were not? You were playing? Did you bring this group into your embrace first? Did you consider the notion that this is a marginalized group that could very easily be offended by your antics? Are you friends with this community? Or, are they just another group of people of color who are painfully reminded that they will be nothing more than second class citizens here in America? What is your angle? Tell us! Let us know! If you intend to hide behind the racist guise of antiquated rhetoric that excuses your behavior, similar to the people who wear sheets and say, “we don’t know,” just remember that we are on to you. If you are racist, admit it. We don’t believe that you “didn’t know any better,” and if you didn’t, you should not be in the position you are in? You sit in a significant seat of power; how could you have been so irresponsible? This is inexcusable, and you should be held liable. The face of this country is changing, just like the rest of the world. Grow up, and get ready for it; we are here!

  • HWY55 RadioListener

    Here in America… Stereotypes are funny, If you’re simple minded enough to look over the cultural impact that it will have. Ask any child, what they think of a certain race/group of people, results will be some kind Stereotype.

    Culture includes the way we act towards and think about others. So welcome to America, land of media entertainment of stereotypes.

    What was said can not be unsaid. No matter how sorry, they said they are*.

    KDWB probably expected some reaction to bring hype back to their dieing radio station.

    In turn, they get great back up from those not worried about cultural back lash, and some one gets to go on vacation. Wonderful work steve-o. may your kin be bombarded by negative stereotypes as you line your wallet.

    As well for those who have been stereotyped. No matter what adversities you may be facing, work your way from those negative stereotypes. Prove those asses wrong. You don’t have to change who you are, but let the community know that you exist and exist for a reason. We are all here for a reason, we might as well learn to coexist. We don’t have to intermingle but should have enough respect for each other as humans.

    If you say its okay for people to make such “parodies,” think carefully of the days when you, or your children, or your loved ones are challenged by such ignorance. Dehumanize yourself first and then find your joy.

    For now peace, love, and STFU.

    Yes this was a rant, meant to be criticized. not necessarily coherent.

  • Dan

    Everyone, please look up the meaing of a ‘parody’, it’s just that, suck it up. I dont see any white people rallying about being called a cracker. Get over it.


    You know, this is not even about me or those of us who can speak up for ourselves. The kicker is the our elderly parents who can’t speak up for themselves (who helped the U.S. fight in the covert war in Laos, lost their love ones, had to flee their homeland due to fear of retribution from the communist North Vietnamese/LPDR for saving downed U.S. pilots/working for the CIA helping the U.S. and having to start a new life here in the U.S. at the bottom of the totem pole) and our kids who get poked fun of at school–and worse yet bullied by people who have none to minimal knowledge of our community and thereby does not see the BIG picture–because of such messages KDWB espouse, “Hey, look . . . it’s ok to laugh at the Hmong community. Big Deal! Who cares! Get over it! Come on people!” Unfortunately for people like Rob Morris, people with deep pockets who write& sign their payroll checks @ AT&T, Health Partner, and Blue Cross & Blue Shield care . . . among others like the NAACP, St. Paul Public Schools, State Rep Rena Moran, State Senator John Harrington, The DFL, HND, the League of Women Voters MN & among others care. Their choice words are even more direct: very demeaning, discrimimation, offensive, not sincere & accountable . . . not adequate, degrading, no radio on buses, egregious programming adds insult to injury, negative and unproductive stereotype, offensive, inappropriate & tasteless, contributes to instutional racism, amounts to on-air bullying of an already disenfranchised ethnic group, etc. And so . . . it’s not just a joke that I can laugh off.

  • Nhia VANG

    Technically, we have every right to get offended. Though some of the things he say seem true, you shouldn’t come at just a particular race like that. Not to be racist myself, but if I were to do something about white people, in the next 20 seconds, there would be freaking 20 pages of bad comments on my post. I see no point in making stupid remarks because it’ll ruin your “white” people’s image. Yes, we know AMERICA was based on the freedom of speech, but don’t get offended of what I said too, because I’m only expressing myself. In the end, it’s just racist views from ignorant people.

  • Nhia VANG

    Sorry! But the only part that seems true about the song is that minority of the Hmong girls do get pregnant, so it ruins our image. But I bet, if you turn to “TEEN MOM” all of them in there are white people… And we don’t have 30 people in one house. It’s just like saying, just ’cause ya’ll white, ya’ll go out and eat at a restaurant for dinner every night. And I’m pretty sure most of you order out… Also, we ain’t broke! Get that straight! I bet if you go out onto the streets, you aint never gonna find no Hmong person begging for money. So people! Get that information straight. If you want proof, You can go check in every other Hmong person’s house. But! Don’t get offended people, because if you do get offended by this statement, you’re just as ignorant as the person who was talking about Hmong people…

    And shoo! I’ma VANG! Don’t just put us out like that, then it makes me feel like you really talking about me!

  • yang

    So for all the folks who thinks its a joke and to brush it off,HAHAHA…F-U…

    Answer this.What if it was a hmong radio station that did this, and its was a parody about the “white Americans”?You saying the “white” folks just gonna brush it off and say hahaha, good one..My F—–a$$……

    Plus, why the hell does it matter if you hmong and don’t live in the area.Whats that got to do with it..So anyone outsid ethe “city limits” shouldn’t take it offense?fu(ken idiots…Idiots only say a stupid remark like that…

    If you don’t know the Hmong community, its best if you keep your mouth shut..And if you ‘re one of the above who thinks its not racist, then you yourself is a RACIST too..This is comin straight out from a Cali Hmong..

  • Vang

    Okay, It’s true most things about the song may be true, and in no way, shape or form should the Hmong community be angered by it, but it’s the fact that they said “pregnant by 16, seven kids by 23, and over the hills by 30” that is worldwide problem, but It points to us as if we are the only ethnic that does that. Some people may not find this offensive, however, most do. Rascism was never taught at school to be an entertainment. The Hmong people are NOT comfortably with these kind of jokes because we are always looked down upon by other people. If you see a Hmong guy on news for murder or robbery, then it automatically affects the WHOLE community, but if it was another race, there seems to be no problem. And sure enough we are not the only one’s who are acting up about this “supposedly” joke, make a song about any other minority group that strives to survive in another country, I’m certain you will face the same consequences.

  • Michael

    Ohh my god!

    Steve-o is ha-larious!

    People really need to take a joke !

  • leohmongman

    The responsible person for this racist joke should be faced with real consequences. FIRE THEM…

  • HYG

    People people, steve-o got it all wrong. it’s 20 people and not 30 hmongs. We love to sleep on the floors, not because we have to.. lol It’s okay that hmong girls get pregnant early, it’s only because we mature quicker than others, it’s in our nature since we were 2 years old and once we are 8 we start cooking for the family. Most hmong girls have their baby at the age of 14 actually and we still can live longer than 30. To be exact, we’re over the hill by 32. DUH! This steve-o guy thinks he knows us so well, he got yall fool pretty good. 🙂

  • Amanda

    It’s only funny to people who have no heart and have to use other people’s sufferings to make themselves feel better. Those people who think it’s SO funny should look at the United States and the Hmong people’s history. NOT so funny. Hmong people are still being oppressed because of the United States and they still have the audacity to make fun of the way we live because we continue to face racism in a country we fought for.

    For those who say, if you’re offended, don’t listen. Covering your ear doesn’t make the problem go away. It’s like ignoring your messy room in hopes that it will clean itself. Fact is, it will only get messier. By ignoring this and thinking that racism happens everyday, and to get over it, then you have by-stepped the first step that one person can make. By changing the way YOU are. Just cause racism happens in no way means you should accept it. It’s called morals. And some people need to find some.

  • Sophia

    If you ask me this Radio station has committed a crime. Slander for transitory statements and libel for written, broadcast, and published words. Yes it is offensive to Hmong Communities all over the world. I don’t have to live in the Twin Cities to find it derogatory. We should stand up and file a lawsuit against this radio station. Let’s see who is laughing at the end.

  • chrisyboi

    look all yall need ta calm down aight? dave ryan a good dude yo! yall calm down if we all just get passed our pride we can all forget we even are diferant races!?