Radio is the new wave, baby

These days folks who are trying to make money from the whole digital thing talk about market penetration for smart phones, broadband Internet, social social networking and tablet computers. In 1936 it was all about radio.


CBS Radio executives created this gem of a sale pitch designed to persuade advertisers to move their accounts to radio.

“This is probably the dullest story we will tell you about radio,” wrote CBS’s Victor Ratner. He continues:

It gives you the anonymous millions … that are the deep source of radio’s power. But as you glance through its pages, you may agree with us that even radio’s dullest story comes alive with the immense drama of these millions — within reach of one soft voice.


More than 9 of 10 Americans owned a “wireless” in 1936. In 2010, 96 percent of young adults owned wireless phones.


(Flickr photos by j_barry)

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