Paper royalty


It was a rather big moment this week when this little number arrived in the MPR newsroom: The William & Kate paper doll book, expertly displayed here by an MPR employee who would not tell us her name (Click image for larger image).

It’s important to note, however, that underneath their paper clothes — including the “sparking plunging-neckline dress that Kate acquired during a 2007 Paris buying trip” — they are wearing bathing suits, not underwear. Those crazy royals!


The paper doll book was published by Dover Publications. An accompanying press release described it as “America’s #1 publisher of high-quality paper doll books.” Who says America doesn’t make anything, anymore?

In other news, it was revealed today CNN will send 400 150 (updated) staffers to cover the royal wedding.

CNN currently has 50 people covering the disaster in Japan.

  • Josh

    400 people to cover a wedding and only 50 in Japan? Can we end the debate as to why we need public media in this country right now?

  • Don

    Let’s see… 400 people to a western country that will essentially be operating normally (ok, it’ll be a holiday and lots of extra journalists and tourists around, but nothing else major going on) vs 50 people to a ravaged countryside. People that need to be fed, need clean water and need a safe place to sleep (that doesn’t take away housing from the 10s of thousands of residents that need temporary shelter). A country where additional earthquakes are not unexpected, where there are already issues with people getting out not to mention issues getting the reporters to where they can cover things on the damaged transportation infrastructure. Add to all that the risk of possible radiation exposure…. those numbers don’t seem all that wrong to me (maybe too many staffers to Britain, but that’s not my call to make).

  • Jamison

    Well frankly, I think it’s fine that only 50 people from CNN are in Japan. The LAST thing Japan needs right now is 400 more people running around the countryside taking pictures while they’re trying to get their country back together again.

    The 400 to England just sounds like an excuse to take a company sponsored vacation… Which hey… if you can get that job, more power to ya.