Should the mentally ill own guns?

In Iowa, the legislature is considering an “Alaska carry” gun bill “that would allow Iowans to carry weapons in public without permission from a sheriff, without background checks and without training requirements,” the Des Moines Register reports.

Two Republican lawmakers were caught on tape talking about the bill during a break, the paper says:

Kaufmann: Sounds like you’re getting out of the Alaska bill.

Helland: Oh yeah, I’m getting out of it after I end up on a blog.

Lukan: The Alaska bill – what’s the Alaska bill?

Helland. I’m the dirty hatchet man for the caucus. Something nobody wants to do. Some dirty, nasty job. I’m the one who gets dropped in you know why, ’cause I’m expendable.

Kaufmann: The crazy, give-a-handgun-to-a-schizophrenic bill.

Off camera: His microphone is on.

Here’s the exchange:

There is a federal law, instituted after the Virginia Tech massacre, that requires states to submit the names of mentally ill people to the national background check program. But the Associated Press reported last month many states have ignored the law and not submitted any names.

Minnesota is one of those states.

(h/t: David Wilford)

  • Jim Shapiro

    The desire to carry a weapon is based on fear. If we don’t permit the most fearful among us to pack a piece, what’s to stop ’em from taking guns away from those of us who are still really fearful, but not yet certifiably insane? Damn democrats!

  • John P.

    If the criminally insane are not free then none of us are free!?

  • Jamie

    Anyone know who’s responsible for reporting the names from Minnesota?

  • Sam Osbonre

    Should the mentally ill be deciding who should have gun? Ok, the guy who said it iss not mentally ill, he is just a cracy kind a guy.