Does classical music help plants grow?

The 33-member Royal Philharmonic Orchestra played a three-hour concert the other day. The audience was an auditorium full of plants to test the theory that classical music helps plants grow. And to gin up a little publicity.

Let the record show I really don’t know what to say here.

  • They should’ve played Bach.

  • BJ

    Yes music does help, but a metal band would have been better.


  • Jamie

    My soul grows a couple sizes every time I hear Mozart. Does that count?

    Thanks for posting that. It’s such a treat to hear an unexpected passage from one of my favorite symphonies. And I know some will think it’s pedestrian of me, but even hearing bits of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik is still a treat.

    A metal band, BJ?! I would think that would make the plants shrivel.

  • Mitch

    With fronds like those, who needs peonies?

  • Not only does playing music help a plant to grow, playing off-key makes any self-respecting plant just up and leave the room.

    Buy my book telling about this. And if you’re that foolish, I’ll throw in a free bridge or two.

  • InsanePalmNinja

    Am Trying this with two Seedling of Sabal Minor Palm Trees. Its just for the Hell of it also.