Dispatches from planet parenthood

Three separate stories regarding parents and their children over the last few days certainly show the extremes of parenthood.

The latest comes from Milwaukee, where someone abandoned a two-year-old girl at a McDonald’s on Sunday afternoon. Police are having a difficult time with the case because the girl doesn’t talk.

In Minneapolis, a newborn baby tossed in a snow bank is reported in satisfactory condition at a hospital today. Police say the 18-day-old infant was thrown into the snow by her mother after she fought with a man Saturday morning. Luckily, a person getting off a bus saw the baby before it froze.

This seems like a good time to provide a link on how to be a foster parent.

In Louisiana, Jalisa Granger, 21, died over the weekend when a tornado sent a tree crashing through her home’s roof. She died protecting her 15-month-old son. He’s OK.