Best commencement speech ever?

New Yorker Magazine reporter Ken Auletta spoke at St. Thomas University in St. Paul last night as part of MPR’s Broadcast Journalist Series. Auletta covers technology and media, and is author of the recent book Googled: The End of the World As We Know It.

Auletta shared some good anecdotes about the tech figures he covers, including one about Google co-founder Sergei Brin. Auletta said Brin has arrived at all interviews on roller blades. The scribe also talked about Steve Jobs, saying the force behind Apple never talks about himself — he’s all business. Auletta mentioned one exception, however: Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford University in 2005. Auletta said it was one of the best speeches he ever heard. Here it is:

Auletta’s interview with MPR’s Kerri Miller will air Wednesday on Midmorning.