The next Wisconsin fight: Drinking water?

Some rural western Wisconsin communities may be involved in another brewing battle at the Wisconsin Legislature.

An Osceola Republican, Rep. Erik Severson, has sponsored a bill to roll back a new law that requires municipal governments to disinfect drinking water.

“A lot of it is expense,” he told the Cap Times. “When people in an area are not complaining about the drinking water, the water is good. The taxpayers there are saying ‘Hey, we can’t afford to pay for this.'”

Severson claims Balsam Lake in northwest Wisconsin, would have to spend more money to comply with the rule than its entire city budget, although the village trustee couldn’t confirm that. The city’s three wells have high levels of manganese.

  • Jon

    Chemicals like Manganese are just lovely (grew up drinking water tainted with perchloroethylene myself) not so toxic if you drink them, much more toxic if they get air born (like through the process of boiling water!)

    Though all and all, drinking water? really there is where the government feels we need to cut back? the federal government has already taken aim at food… I suppose the next item on the agenda would be the air tax imposed on any one found breathing on public lands?