The humor of Public Radio

“Funny” isn’t really public radio news’ strong suit. But once a year, the MPR employees have a cabaret (talent show) at the Fitzgerald Theater.

Last night, from what I can tell from the video rapidly spinning across the Interverse, the star was MPR’s higher education reporter Tim Post.

Update 6:33 p.m. – But, wait! There’s more. This one features MPR education (K-12) reporter Tom Weber:

(h/t: Ali Lozoff)

  • Jamie

    Really funny!

  • Russ

    I’ll have to make sure I go to this next year.

  • Phil

    That’s awesome.

    Am I a bad person for not noticing the absence of the Q?

  • Jack

    Loved Dan’s voice in the infomercial 🙂

    He’s got the voice I could listen to all day.

  • Jack

    Hold music – would have been a best seller at 1-800-75 Music aka PRMS.