Tales from a snowstorm

If you’re a fan of Car Talk, perhaps you heard the caller last weekend who wondered whether it would be possible to make a plow for her car.

This week on Car Talk, Leanne is tired of shelling out 50 bucks per blizzard to escape her driveway, so she’s trying to design a mini-snowplow for her Subaru. Leanne’s husband thinks she’s nuts, but Tom and Ray think she just might be the late-night infomercial’s new best friend.

Listen to the call here.

Leave it to a Minnesotan to come up with the answer:

But Leanne was talking about something a little more “homemade.” Like this, only workable:

  • Ken Paulman
  • Jean Binkovitz

    I have used the Solotec plow that fastens on to your car. It worked great with my Volvo wagon to plow a long country drive!

  • Josh

    Is that wooden thing a snow plow or a snow groomer? I have seen the same think being used on ball diamonds. Come on. Really?