Prince doesn’t put up with lame

Minnesota’s purple provocateur always brings the soul and feels the funk while performing. However, if you aren’t feeling it too, then no stage time with his royal badness for you.

At a recent Madison Square Garden show, Prince invited puzzlingly-popular socialite Kim Kardashian on stage to dance (about 1:00 in). Instead, she pulls the shy girl routine and basically stands there. Not in Prince’s house.

He dismisses her with a terse: “Get off the stage.”

Well played sir.

(From Gawker: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage)

  • John P.

    Somebody needed to push her off of something!

  • andy

    Speaking of Prince, he should perform every year for the Super Bowl halftime show. Two days ago he should have told the Black Eyes Peas to get off the stage!

  • Greg

    For what it’s worth, he said “get off the stage” to the previous woman (who did make an effort to dance) when he was done with her, too.

    But it doesn’t really lessen my enjoyment of him telling that to the useless Kardashian.