On a happy note

It’s taken us a little while today to dig into the crowded closet where we keep 44 years of history at Minnesota Public Radio. So I didn’t have this in time for this morning’s Five By Eight, lamenting the end of an era in Minneapolis with the retirement of Lou Snider of Nye’s Polinaise Room.

But we’ve found a segment we did with her in 1996, for a series called “Odd Jobs,” in which people describe what they do for a living:

By the way, Odd Jobs was tailor-made for News Cut, but it was ahead of its time. If you’d be interested in telling me about the unique job you have, contact me.

(h/t: Sylvia Mohn)

  • Ann

    Sorry, Bob, the oddest thing about my job is me.

  • vjacobsen

    I think my job– the job I wear a badge to and have to go to “work meetings” for–is pretty unique. And pretty fun.