Local writer makes a funny about AOL’s Patch, HuffPo

The acquisition of Huffington Post by AOL (Does anyone say ‘America Online’ anymore, or is it a ‘We’re not National Public Radio we’re just NPR now’ thing?) gave Dan Haugen an idea.


Now that Huffington Post, a site that sometimes make insignificant stories look like big news, is owned by the same company that owns Patch, a network of hyper-local news sites, what if Patch adopted the design aesthetic of HuffPo? Voila! Haugen’s Fridley Patch is born, HuffPo-style.


I can’t figure out what’s being made fun of more, Patch or Huffington Post.

BTW, here’s the real Fridley Patch.

Do you read a local Patch site? You like?

  • That is priceless!

  • Bob Moffitt

    I totally got punked by this spoof. Saw it this morning and thought it was the real deal.

    I discuss my use of Patch and other “new media” over at David Brauer’s blog on MNPost..

    But I’ll share my thoughts with NewsCut, too. Yes, I pitch to Patch. For stories with a micro, hyper-local focus, it’s a good tool.

    Some Patches are better than others. Fridley is as close to my northern subrurb as Patch goes to date. Like to see one in every community.