How will you deal with the rising price of gas?

  • andy
  • Jon

    When ever my car is stopped, parked, or cruising on the highway, I thank God I didn’t get the turbo.

    My opinion is always they exact opposite when ever I’m accelerating…

    My co-workers that did get the Turbo however have convinced me that the 10MPG improvement I see in gas mileage is only half the story, the other half is the 91+ octane they have to use…

  • bsimon

    Gas prices are a small, nearly insignificant, part of the story when it comes to the total owning & operating costs for a vehicle. At $3/gallon, a 15 cent price hike represents only a 5% increase in fuel costs, but the media act like it represents some kind of dire economic impact. For people who drive a 20mpg car 12000 miles per year, 15 cents per gallon represents about $1.80 per week.

  • Andrew

    I think I might go purchase another bottle of chain oil for my bike.


  • Matt W

    I quit my job in White Bear Lake and got two different part time jobs here in St Paul instead. Pretty much got rid of my gas costs.

    Now if only I could pay more attention to the parking regs here I might be able to enjoy those savings instead of donating them to St Paul.

  • Lily

    I am a Public Employee and use my car for work.

    For many years I have not claimed mileage reimbursement. With rising gas prices I will need to start doing so.