Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks

You asked for it, Wisconsin. You with your “we’re open for business signs” on the state border, aimed at our businesses and all.

Several Minnesota Republican lawmakers today filed a bill in the House of Representatives to make fireworks legal in Minnesota, a market currently pretty much owned by businesses in Wisconsin, where the sale of fireworks is legal.

The bill would change the definition of fireworks to that used by the American Pyrotechnic Association. When Minnesota allowed the sale of “fireworks” starting in 2002, it limited the definition to sparklers and a few “pop” toys that were little more than cute. Things that shot into the air? Not in our state, at least not legally in our state.

But Minnesotans, as evidenced by the license plates in the stores in Wisconsin, want the big artillery.

If approved, this certainly serves as a shot across Wisconsin’s bow. In Wisconsin, residents aren’t allowed to purchase fireworks without a permit, even though they can be sold to residents from Minnesota and other states without one.

Wisconsinites would have to come to Minnesota to get them.

Should Minnesota’s ban on consumer fireworks be repealed?online surveys

  • Bob Moffitt

    Are they packaging this as a “jobs bill” for emergency room staff and EMS workers? If not, they should. I suggest they call it “The Freedom From Fingers Act.”

    Glad to see the MN GOP has not lost its laser-like focus on the budget and the economy.

  • bsimon

    Where’s the poll response for

    * I can’t believe that this is what they’re working on.

  • John P.

    There’s a fireworks ban in Minnesota?

    You would never know it in my neighborhood for about a week before and weeks after the fourth of July.

  • JackU

    I suggest they call it “The Freedom From Fingers Act.”

    I have to disagree, I think it should be called, “The Wanna-be Terrorist Facilitation Act.”

  • andy

    If they legalize fireworks they’ll definitely have to allow alcohol sales on Sunday. Everyone in WI knows that explosives and booze is an acceptable (possibly mandatory) combination.

  • ben

    Does WI or ND have more ER visits due to firework injuries than MN? Would it even be meaningful to compare, since so many MN residents go to these states and bring the fireworks back?

  • Jim Shapiro

    Sure, let em sell fireworks in Minnesota, but contingent on changing one of the lines of the national anthem to, “The bombast bursting in air”.

  • GregS

    First it was selling booze on Sunday, now fireworks, what is happening here?

    Are we becoming a cold Wisconsin?

    Err… or a Wisconsin without cheese?

    Or how about a Wisconsin with a losing football team?

    Oh, whatever…..