Escape from Wisconsin

For the moment, at least, we’re left to imagine where the Democratic state senators from Wisconsin have gone. The rumor is that they chartered a bus — sorry, no high-speed rail available, nor likely to be — and fled to Illinois or Iowa.

But me? I think they’re in Minnesota. So, then: Imagine you’re on an unscheduled, low-profile, indefinite vacation in Minnesota. How do you spend your time?

  • I believe local custom dictates their exodus be confined to Miller Lite or Leinenkugel distribution routes. Follow the trucks.

  • Heather

    If any of them have kids along, they should definitely hit Rock the Cradle on Sunday. We’ll be crossing the river for that one!

  • John O.

    I’m guessing South Beloit, IL. Somewhere with free breakfast and free wireless internet. 🙂

    A bunch of Texas legislators did the same thing in 2003 over a proposed redistricting plan and ended up camped out in Oklahoma. If my memory is correct, the leadership actually had to travel to Oklahoma to negotiate a compromise.

  • Bridget Cusick

    Live music in dark bars!

  • vjacobsen
  • Jon

    If there education is as inferior as Minnesotans believe, is there a chance they think of the Wisconsin Dells as being the equivalent of West Virginia to Virginia?

  • Heather

    Jon, don’t you mean “their”? 😉

  • JackU

    Personally I would think that you’d want someplace that’s close enough to the border to allow you to get back if needed. It would help to have a state facility available for maybe video conferencing with the opposition. My choice would be Duluth. Superior has a UW campus that I bet supports “distance learning” opportunities and if your going to be here for a while Duluth can be very nice in the spring. 8^)

  • John O.

    Clock Tower in Rockford? Ewwww. Stayed there a couple of times over the years as part of a group.

    I give it a “three roach” rating.

  • Drae

    If they were in Minnesota, which they’re not, they should double down with their irresponsible bender and go on a bar crawl in Nordeast.

  • Kassie

    I always imagine that Osama Bin Laden is actually chilling in Detroit, mingling seemlessly with the local Arab population.

    Same thing with the Wisconsin Senators. Maybe they are hanging at the Bulldog NorthEast drinking some fine beers. Or hitting Mystic Lake for a buffet and bingo. Anyway, I hope they hang out and enjoy themselves.

  • V

    The Chicago Tribune story on the scene in Rockford:

    My favorite part:

    Employees at the Clock Tower Resort, a sprawling facility just off Interstate 90, were prepping for the night’s main event, the Chocoholic Frolic, when the legislators showed up, followed swiftly by a media horde, according to witnesses.

    A hotel official said the politicians never checked in and left around mid-afternoon. But they were there long enough for a couple protesters to catch up, including one who stood in the resort’s circular entrance drive holding up a “Don’t Tread On Me” sign.

    “I went up to him and said, ‘What are you doing? People are coming here for a chocolate event,’ ” said a security guard who declined to give his name.