A little prayer for Bernanke

Some pictures just scream “caption contest.”

Like this one of Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke

Bernanke went to Capitol Hill today to say what he and his predecessor have been saying for several years now: It’ll be several more years before things return to what used to be normal.

  • vjacobsen

    “I hate coming here.”

    “Use little words. Must use little words.”

    So that’s what it looks like when Bernanke powers down.

    and, finally:

    “Did I remember to turn off the coffee pot?”

  • Jim Shapiro

    “Please dear God I hope they don’t find me out. I would never survive in prison.”

  • Yentil

    I am hearing showtunes:

    “Papa can you here me-




    “If I were a rich man..”

  • Tom

    “Root’s kickin’ in.”