Treeless in Minneapolis

Other than the sandstone, there isn’t a lot about Target Field in Minneapolis that screams “Minnesota.” At least not as many things as scream, “I’ve got more money than you,” and that’s not very Minnesotan.

One exception is the pine trees in the outfield, something you see at only one other major league park (Colorado). Click the image for the full screen “let me pretend it’s not a gray January day” goodness.

”There’s a Seattle feel with the pine trees in center field,” Jim Thome said last year. Thome, apparently, has never been to northern Minnesota.

Those trees? Kiss ’em goodbye. The Twins have decided to cut them down to improve the background for the batters. Apparently the dark green trees against the dark green background made it too difficult for the mighty Twins to pick up the white ball from the pitcher.

Players started complaining about the trees after the first exhibition games at the new park last year.

Incidentally, pitchers and catchers report to spring training in 20 days.

Update 4:09 p.m. – Dug up this picture from Cleveland. Note center field. The team dominated the American League through the ’90s from the moment this park opened.


  • Guh. Pines scream northern minnesota, maybe they will put some elms in next year, and remove them in 2012 for ginko or something.

  • justacoolcat

    If the Twins management wants to dig up the trees, and keep them alive, I’ll plant them in my yard!

  • V

    Yes, those batter’s box trees really hinder the hitting in Coors Field:

  • Jon


    Now we just need to get rid of all this “nature” stuff around here.

  • Phil

    Can’t they plant some concolor firs or blue spruce? There’s all sorts of colors in the evergreen family, it doesn’t have to be dark green.

  • Josh

    No wonder Mauer couldn’t hit any HR’s last year. It was the trees!

  • Jim Shapiro

    While I couldn’t hit my weight against major league pitching, I do know how to spell Prima Donnas.

  • Kevin Slator

    A photo in which you can actually make out the trees would enhance the story…

  • Bob Collins

    Click the image. The trees are about as big as your hand.

    Now, if your problem is you can’t make out the trees from the background, well, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it.

  • Robin

    What a bad move for the Twins!

    With enough practice in that environment they would have gotten used to those trees being there and adjusted. Then they’d have a home field advantage over their non-tree savvy opponents.

    Too bad they didn’t think to hire me to be their strategist. 😉

  • Doug

    After the tress are gone, the next excuse will be…. What?

  • rgomoll

    Can’t see the playoffs for the trees-

  • Jim Dougherty

    Keep the TREES! What about the fans. You got this beautiful stadium built in large part because of us little people who actually support the team, stadium and MLB and pay the outrageous taxes to be entertained at the stadium and downtown. Who are these cry-babies compaining about the trees? and why are you listening to them? What a bunch of woosies you management people are in the stadium and team. We were so looking forward to seeing the trees become a living part of the history of the OUTDOOR stadium and the Twins. Where did these complainers come from? Didn’t they play in fields across the country and world that had all kinds of distractions? Who dosen’t have to put up with distractions in their careers? I don’t like the view from my office either. This is an outrage! You have not heard the last of this from the fans…..idiots!

  • Xopher

    With those trees gone, Mariano Rivera has no chance!

  • John P.

    I don’t get it,

    Isn’t a dark monochromatic background what a hitter would want?

    In any case, it’s the same background for both teams, so what’s the difference?

  • G-Man

    Once the trees are turned into compost they’ll put in seats to generate more income — you just wait and see.

    I wonder how much of my tax dollars went into buying those trees.

  • Jim Smoothy

    It could be worse, they could be still playing in the metrodome.

  • And I tghuoht I was the sensible one. Thanks for setting me straight.