The Dayton word cloud

Here’s Gov. Mark Dayton’s inauguration speech as a word cloud:


Here’s his predecessor’s inaugural speech in word cloud:


At the conclusion of today’s inauguration, the participants and audience sang the University of Minnesota Rouser. For the record, after Tim Pawlenty’s inauguration, they sang “Hail, Minnesota.

  • Bob Moffitt

    Very cool, Bob.

    The color version looks like an ear of corn, which may reflect the Governor’s position on ethanol. 😉

  • Paul J

    A couple observations:

    In the Dayton cloud I notice “Better” (capital B) in the upper left in addition to the more prominent “better”. A case-sensitive cloud generator, I suppose.

    Also, in T-Paw’s cloud, it appears that “God” and “Ventura” are equally prominent.

  • jfh

    Colored or not, Dayton’s word cloud looks like a fish. A dying fish, perhaps. As for Pawlenty’s–well, MPR shows its bias by putting it in black-and-white.

    Egad. Is a Macalester intern doing Bob’s support, too?

  • Bob Collins


  • jfh

    aha. a true response, by the intern, under Bob’s signature. You can’t fool me; I know what Bob’s responses look like.

    Jim H.