Miss Understood

Times change. The last time there was controversy in a Miss America pageant, it involved a contestant taking her clothes off.

That was then. In the wake of last night’s Miss America pageant, controversy rages across the union over why a yodeling ventriloquist singing “I want to be a cowboy sweetheart” did not win:

America still isn’t ready for the likes of Miss Arkansas, apparently.

  • Momkat

    This is controversal to some? Stupid I can see but, controversal?

  • Bob Collins

    The controversy is that she didn’t win with such a slam-dunk act. The suspicion is there’s a Russian judge on the Miss America judging panel.

  • Momkat

    Ah, yes, the dreaded Rooskies!

  • Kim E

    My first thought was “Why in heaven’s name is this pageant still going on?” But, then I watched the video, and it was actually pretty cute.

  • John P.

    I don’t know … the yodeling was a little substandard.