Bert meets his backer


Rich Lederer,55, started his blog,, in 2003 as a hobby, the Fort Meyers News-Press reported today. “On Christmas Day that year, six days before Hall of Fame ballots had to be postmarked, he posted the first of numerous entries about Blyleven, titling it ‘Only the Lonely.’

His posts over the year may have changed how sportswriters viewed baseball stats and may be the reason Bert Blyleven has been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

But they’d never met each other, until yesterday.

(Photo: BRIAN HIRTEN/The News-Press)

  • Jeanne

    What a great story. I read Lederer’s “Only the Lonely” post and how he built the case for Blyleven based on his stats. And the fact that some sports writers tried to ‘diss’ his analysis, but Lederer persisted, got to give him points for that. There’s no way to know for sure whether or not his argument for Blyleven finally cracked it for him or not. It’s wonderful that the two got the opportunity to meet one another.