The good Favre

Regardless of whether the “sexting” allegations against him are true, Brett Favre’s reputation is never going to be what it once was.

But a visit to a boy with cancer provides a side of the soon-to-be-ex-Vikings quarterback that we haven’t heard about for awhile.

Favre and his wife flew to Milwaukee to visit the boy, then wore a towel with a backwards “4” during the game on Monday. The boy writes his 4’s backwards because of a tumor, the Associated Press reports.

  • Cara

    Milwaukee; hmmm. Isn’t that Packer country?

  • Cara

    The very moment I posted my comment, I remembered he used to be a Packer. In his good ol’ days.

  • JP

    It definitely puts losing a meaningless football game in perspective.

  • Lily

    This is the stuff that really counts. Thanks for sharing this. A blessed Christmas and holiday season to all…