Saying something good

It’s a company holiday at the world headquarters of News Cut. If news should break out between now and Monday, we’ll figure out something to say about it.

In the meantime…

The comments section is open. In the spirit of the season, everybody write something that says something good about someone else (here, let me prime the pump for you).

  • Tom Crann

    I think Bob and his NewsCut are a must-read, for curiosity, wit, and clever writing. A model for the digital news landscape. Glad he’s our colleague. Happy Holidays to Bob & all NewsCut-ers.

  • davidz

    This is a solid thumbs-up to all of the folks who have been tirelessly working to clear our streets, highways & sidewalks. Please be assured that some of us at least recognize the hard work that you’ve been doing, and that we do understand that we will not get “perfect” streets immediately after a snowfall.

    If it weren’t for the likes of public servants like you, Minnesota would grind to a halt and stay there. Instead, we slow down a bit and then keep on going.

  • Justin

    I feel lost when I don’t get a chance to read the stories on MPR News. Bob and his compatriots do a fantastic job bringing us the stories we want to hear about without the spin from other media sources. Keep up the good work into 2011 and beyond!!

  • Lori

    Thanks to the nurses, firefighters and police officers who are out there helping our community every day including holidays.

  • Jack

    I am thankful for kind neighbors with their snowblowers who have taken pity on this homeowner who only has shovels.

    Also extremely thankful for all those who work for the cause of peace and justice throughout the world.

  • LK

    I second (third) Tom’s sentiment regarding MPR. It’s a big part of what makes our state unique Looking forward to the Current’s countdown next week!

  • GregS

    Three cheers for everyone who cleared the tables, did the dishes and cleaned up yesterday!

  • Al

    I am very grateful for my wife who continues to love and respect me despite that challenges I bring to this relationship. I am also thankful for my in-laws who are amazingly generous and have hospitality to spare. Thanks to them, in-law jokes are completely lost on me!

  • John O.

    I share the sentiments of the previous posters! I also want to thank the folks who frequent NewsCut throughout the year. We may not always agree on a given topic, but the tone is always respectful.

    Bob, only 49 days left until pitchers, catchers and injured players can report for spring training (Feb. 13). That is something to look forward to!