Politico: Minneapolis unlikely to host 2012 DNC

Citing “insiders,” Politico reports that Minneapolis has almost no chance of landing the Democratic National Convention for 2012.

With the site of the 2012 Democratic convention expected to be decided in a matter of weeks, insiders in the selection process believe it has come down to a choice between St. Louis and Charlotte, N.C., with the other two finalist cities, Minneapolis and Cleveland, all but out of the running … the party seems to be leaning against Minneapolis largely because Republicans held their 2008 convention in St. Paul.


Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak has said the Metrodome was the preferred local site for the convention. There’s no indication the collapse of the Metrodome roof has anything to do with Minneapolis falling out of favor, but it couldn’t have helped.

There will be a sigh of relief in newsrooms across the Twin Cities if the Politico report proves accurate. There’s only so much we can take 😉

What do you think — Is this good news or bad?

  • BJ

    Bad news! My company made a lot of connections at the GOP convention. Those connections turned into a bunch of money for us this past year, 18 months.

    We were, and are, hoping to do the same with the Democratic National Convention. Travel costs don’t make it pratical for us to send 6-8 of us, like we did for the GOP convention.

    Because of local connections we were able to sponser a breakfast for two state’s delegates. We worked the room as a team and made a huge impression on the delegates. Chance of doing that out of MN is zero.