Mysteries of the challenged ballots

It’s tempting to make fun of the people behind some of the challenged ballots in the recount of the Minnesota gubernatorial race.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer for conservation district? How many of you who voted in that race actually knew anything about the candidates? How much do you know about Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Exactly.


I think this is a vote for Tony Curtis. He, of course, is dead:


The media almost never covers races like sheriff or county commissioner or water resources commissioner. Would you pay attention if we did?


I always feel cheated when I’m asked to fill in an oval circle in a race where only one person is running. This person at least thought he (or she) would make a race of it.


By the end of a typical ballot, aren’t most of us just guessing who these people are?

Which is not to say that some voters are not entirely deserving of derision …




It’s almost as if the person filling out this ballot knew a recount was coming.

We’ll have more of these on the MPR News Web site later.


  • I always feel cheated when I’m asked to fill in an oval circle in a race where only one person is running. This person at least thought he (or she) would make a race of it.

    For a few judicial races where I didn’t know enough about the candidates, I did the same thing, and put my own name in.

  • Justin

    I looked through all of the pictures on the link, and what do you know, all but one of the challenges that showed the governor’s race clearly showed intent to vote for Mr. Dayton. How much do you want to bet that every one of those challenges came from Mr. Emmer’s camp? This kind of frivolous challenging is making the rest of Minnesota look like buffoons.

  • Andreux

    i wish there was any easier way to track a candidate’s stance/voting record on the district ballots. Honestly, The major races are stupidly easy to research, but the smaller elections take a bit more work.

    Perhaps the only exposure you get to a candidate is a flier you receive in the mail. I’d love to see a choose-your-candidate type tool for positions like Judges, Sheriff, Conservationist, Commissioner, etc.

    I fully admit I don’t know enough about my local politicians (or what they do). And i don’t like voting strictly based on political party. With that, Buffy might make a could Conservation Supervisor. But, I don’t think Santa would make a good Commissioner. He’s too much of a pleaser.


    After serving as an election judge. The people who put these “Questionable” marks on the election ballot create a unreal amount of extra work all paid for by themselves and all others. The process to record and tally all the “Mickey Mouse’s ” and other others makes a automated nightmare for the computers recording the “Legitimate” vote and opens the door for recounts .

  • Scottk

    I actually know more about Buffy than many of the candidates in these other races, yet I still voted for them. I know Buffy finished high school and then blew it up, tried college but didn’t finish, dated a vampire and a military commando, saved the world many times and died twice. How many people die twice in the line of duty? That’s determination and commitment. She’d be an awesome conservation district supervisor.

  • Chris

    I feel obligated to point out that the vote appears to be for Buffy the Vampire, not Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

    An important distinction…