Mark Dayton – Your Minnesotan of the Year?

In a thoroughly unscientific exercise, you told us that Mark Dayton is Minnesotan of the Year.

On Today’s Question we asked, “Time Magazine announced its choice Wednesday for Person of the Year: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Who would be your pick for Minnesotan of the year?”

Fourteen of 48 respondents nominated the Minnesota Governor-elect. Among other pols, only Sen. Franken and Gov. Pawlenty got multiple votes, and each got only two.


Mark Dayton “is going to bring back Minnesota back to the glory days,” wrote Steve.

Said Bart: “With his winning first the DFL Primary and then the governor’s race he’s managed to stick it to both major parties in one election cycle.”

Here are a few others nominations:

“Mark Ritchie for successfully overseeing another contentious statewide recount while absorbing the partisan bombs thrown at him by the state GOP. Many in his position would return the hyperbolic vitriol, but Ritchie stayed professional and maintained his cool by calmly explaining the facts and details of the process to the citizenry.”

“All three candidates for governor. Because of their willingness to keep on topic (without going negative) and for debating as much as they did. They did MN a great service.”

“Wayne Wolden, the mayor of Wadena, for the way he handled himself and his community in the aftermath of the June tornado.”

Three people said their dog was Minnesotan of the Year, while another three nominated themselves. Cheeky, cheeky people. Other votes: the Metorodome, #blizzardpeople, Tarryl Clark, Lindsey Vonn, Margaret Anderson Kelliher.

You can see the original responses on the Web and Facebook.

Who’s YOUR Minnesotan of the year?

  • Al

    It isn’t Dayton. I reluctantly voted for him. I’m tired of reluctantly voting for candidates. Although I do have to agree that the candidates for governor really did seem to stick to the issues. That was impressive, even if their positions weren’t. Of course with the Citizens United ruling candidates don’t have to attack each other. They can let corporations do it for them.

  • bob

    The whole idea of person of the year is inane. Why not the top five people of the year, or the top 25? Better yet, forget trying to elevate one or a few people above all others — it’s such a silly media conceit.

  • Jeanne

    I would nominate Koua Fong Lee as Minnesotan of the Year. A man who was in prison for what appears to be driving a car with faulty engineering produced by the Toyota Motor Corporation. His release from prison in August of this year was one of the most inspirational moments I have witnessed in a long time. Mr. Lee wept and asked for forgiveness from those whose family members were killed in the crash. He also stated he held no resentment for anyone for his time spent in prison. Mr. Lee showed more grace than I think many of us would if we were in his situation. And I would award second place for Minnesotan of the Year to all of those who believed Mr. Lee at his word and spent the time and energy to see to his release.

  • GregS

    Minnesotan of the year? Either Coen brother would do.