Journey into the mind of the voters

We can learn a lot from examining the daily list of challenged ballots in the Minnesota gubernatorial recount.

Here’s one from Faribault County. I’m not really sure why you’d write in “nobody,” when not voting for anybody is a vote for nobody.


That ballot, a vote for Dayton, was challenged because — it’s claimed — there’s an identifying mark on the ballot.

It was hard for this voter in Hoffman to make a decision:


In Cambridge, we appear to have the voting equivalent of an “air ball.”


This one is from Isanti. Unless there’s a recount, ballots are mostly read by machines. But people still like to write notes to it.


We only elect one governor, Heron Lake.


I’m guessing this person in Little Falls has seen the inside of a courthouse a time or two. For the record, he/she voted for Dayton.


This Owatonna voter passed on a chance to vote for Mark Dayton in order to cast a write-in vote for… Mark Dayton.


A voter in Lake View might have been waiting all summer for the chance to go to the polls and vote for every single candidate on the ballot.


  • John P.

    “Journey into the mind of the voters” is somewhat like a journey into the mind of my dog.

  • Zebulun

    Comparing the minds of these voters to that of dogs is an insult to canine intelligence.

  • Kevin VC

    Now I recall I always wondered why teachers went over and over and over and over and over and over how to fill in a oval….

    Seeing the above I think I understand their broken record attitude to this.

    Those are real gems of moronity…..

    “In Cambridge, we appear to have the voting equivalent of an “air ball.””

    – though might be a sight issue. Like everything is like a inch to the right in their vision…. lets hope. And lets hope they don’t drive.

  • JW

    The one from LF is obviously from a long-time Vikings fan, since the only acceptable vote was for former, Purple People Eater, Justice Alan Page. Or it may be that he was given a stay of execuction by Justice Page. They do execute Vikings fans in Minnesota, don’t they? As a mercy killing?