How much is $6.2 billion?

The new budget deficit is $6.2 billion in Minnesota.

How much is that?

$6.2 billion is….

… the total payroll for legislators if the Minnesota House of Representatives had 199,100 state representatives, or one state rep for every 26 people who live in Minnesota.

… the cost to use the state airplane to ferry the governor hunting every weekend (weather permitting) until December 2, 2739.

… how much you would have counted out if you started now and counted out dollar bills every second and don’t stop for the next 196 years.

… roughly the amount it would take to build one new fully-loaded high school in every county in Minnesota.

… approximately the entire year’s income for everyone in St. Paul.

… enough to pay unemployment benefits for the next three years for all of those currently receiving them in Minnesota.

… what it would cost to build 62 miles of light rail.

… all the license tab fees paid in this state for the next 12 years.

… the cost of running a radio ad on a Sioux Falls radio station every 20 minutes for the next 2,359 years, urging businesses there to move to Minnesota.

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  • It’s a bit over $3,200 for every household in the state.

  • bsimon

    Has anyone calculated how much of that money was accrued in prior budget cycles?

    For instance, to select a random example, if we balanced prior budgets by shifting payments, how much of the projected deficit is accounted for?

  • It would buy enough gasoline to fill almost 3100 Olympic sized swimming pools.

    Or allow you to drive around the Earth at the equator over 2 million times.

  • It’s approximately the amount the US didn’t earn in estate taxes this year when 4 billionaires passed away:

  • Duke Powell

    $6.2 Billion is somewhat less than the total Federal spending for one day.

  • MR

    It would pay for just short of 8 new Vikings stadiums.

    So call it 7 Vikings stadiums plus a Target Field, with a few million left over to sign a new Vikings coach and a new infielder from Japan.

  • Andy

    Looks like it would be just about enough for Google to acquire Groupon.

  • Andrew

    It would allow Brett Favre to consider retirement for the next 387 seasons at his current salary.

  • Lily

    Not sure, but am planning to keep working until I am at least 74!! Go Baby Boomers!!!