Friday morning downer

Bob Collins is asking questions today at SugaRush coffee shop, 712 University Avenue in St. Paul, until around noon. Stop in to say hello. In the meantime, and in honor of his Monday Morning Rouser, we present a Friday morning downer: Bill Callahan singing “Too Many Birds” at Waterloo Records in Austin, Texas.

I find depressing music uplifting in a strange way. What are your nominations for the best gloomy songs?

  • fasolamatt

    Here’s a video of a group singing Granville by Judy Hauff (who can be seen in the video, front row seated in the middle). This is my favorite “gloomy” song.

    The words are by Isaac Watts:

    Remember, Lord, our mortal state;

    How frail our lives! how short the date!

    Where is the man that draws his breath,

    Safe from disease, secure from death?

    Lord, while we see whole nations die,

    Our flesh and sense repine and cry;

    Must death forever rage and reign?

    Or hast Thou made mankind in vain?

  • Paul J

    The Cake version of “Sad Songs and Waltzes”. Yeah, I know some prefer the original Willie Nelson version, but I think the mournful trumpet adds so much.

  • Geoff Moran

    “Gray Room” by Damien Rice. Gloomy and dark, yet moving and even triumphant.