Crazy Minnesotans go road skiing

Under the category of “We can’t recommend this” …

(h/t Mr. News Cut, who apparently can’t commit to vacation 100%…)

  • Gachevsky

    I love it. I totally would copy that if I was ten years younger. Glad I have people like this to live vicariously through:)

    On a related note, what ever happened to hooky bumping?

  • Matthew H

    I watched these guys go by my house at 26th and W. River Pkwy. I was digging out my car. I had two thoughts, that is dangerous and stupid, and that is AWESOME

  • bob collins

    Actually, it was tweeted to me by Anika County. I’d love to have more readers being on the lookout for stuff that’s newscutolicious.

  • Duke Powell

    Your son and I will always have a job.

  • Paul J

    We did that when we were kids back in the day. Except it was on country roads… not in the middle of Minneapolis. Great video!