Cop walks in on robbery

Last week in Dayton, Ohio, a police officer went to a store to get security footage of a robbery that had taken place there earlier in the evening. When he walked in, however, another robbery was underway.

Let’s go to the videotape:

Bonus News Cut points if you noticed the following:

-1- It was a long time before anyone bothered to help the cop.

-2- The world’s largest man apparently helped subdue the suspect.

-3- It was apparently just another night in Dayton, given the way customers came and went.

-4- What is in the hand of the person in the yellow hat?

-5- A cop’s gun to the head doesn’t faze the criminals of Dayton, Ohio.

  • BJ

    I wonder how soon before this jerk off sues the cops.

  • Joanna

    Dang! That robber was just going about his business, there were so many people in that store! And he didn’t get down on the ground obediently the way they do on TV, did he?

  • JackU

    My first reaction when I saw the guy in the yellow hat was: “Are they taking inventory outside?”

    The thing in his hand looks like a hand-held inventory scanner. He might be a route driver delivering to the store. Most of the time you see drivers delivering these days they have a scanner to automate the counting process.