Blizzard wars: Time-lapse video

We continue the comparisons of the East Coast vs. Midwest blizzards.

The category is: time-lapse video.

Here’s one shot yesterday in New Jersey. And, yes, that is serious accumulation.

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.

And here’s the best one (yes, it’s a subjective assessment) from St. Paul’s big blizzard earlier this month.

Your turn:

The winner in the “best time-lapse video” category…online survey

By the way, the record for the East Coast snowfall seems to be in Lincoln Park, New Jersey, where 29 inches fell. If that were the Twin Cities, it would be the largest snowstorm recorded.

  • The Midwest all the way! Look, I know, I’m biased. But really, we get this kind of crazy snow all the time, and it’s never national news. Has anyone noticed that Keith Olbermann appears to be live-Tweeting this stupid East Coast storm? Come on, now!

    The St. Paul time-lapse video was really dumb, though. Way too long, boring, stupid music, and not interesting in the slightest. I fast-forwarded it.

  • BJ

    I don’t know, it is really hard for us to say that the national press (seemingly based mostly in NY and DC) doesn’t cover us. I mean that dome footage was everywhere.


  • Bob Collins

    I’d be willing to bet the Midwest blizzard led the national news earlier this month. And the collapsing Dome video was shown more times than the Zapruder film.

    A ‘nor’easter’s snow is different than what we get here so we might get these sorts of accumulations all the time (although we don’t), but the snow is different. Because the air comes in from the ocean, it’s wet snow.

    The other problem with East vs. Midwest is the airports. Much of the attention nationally is because of the national effect of airports shutting down.

    I’d like to hear from people in the Fargo-Moorhead area. I think they DO get these snows all the time and the Twin Cities media doesn’t make a big deal out of it until a similar one hits the Twin Cities.

    I think that’s probably the takeaway. It’s big news if you’re in it. Otherwise, not so much.

  • marie

    The angles of the video image create a depth drama in the East Coast video…however, the people in the Midwest video help demonstrate the actual difficulties around living in this storm. I think it appeared like more snow occured in the East, yet if the image was filmed from the 1st floor we would have seen the drama unfold similar to East Storm. ( I actually did take pictures and thought about angles when attempting to demonstrate the amount of snow accumulation Dec. 11-12)

  • Nick

    To be fair those 29 inches in New Jersey would also be the biggest snowstorm for stations in Baltimore, Washington, Boston, New York City, and Chicago. Philadelphia would have it beat with over 30 inches in 1996. The 28.4 inches record for Minneapolis is comparable to those other cities. Both areas can get a lot of snow but ,as you mention, out east those storms occur at a slightly higher frequency because of Atlantic moisture.

  • KC

    Can’t call the midwest video TOO boring. An ambulance appears and takes somebody away right in the middle of it! ๐Ÿ™ Hope they are okay. But yes, agreed, the East Coast vid being right on the level makes it look far more dramatic.

    Love them both.