A song to free the hikers

Sarah Shourd, one of the three American hikers arrested by Iran and thrown in prison, has released video of a song she hopes will build support for the two remaining hikers, one of whom is Minnesota native Shane Bauer.

“I wrote ‘Piece of Time’ when I was in prison,” she writes. “The last time I saw Shane and Josh they asked me to use my music to raise support for them and get them out of prison. Every second for the last 2+ months since my release I’ve been fighting alongside the families and countless others around the world solely for this end. I hope the song and video can bring people closer to our story and give you a glimpse of who Shane, Josh are, why their detention is so completely unjust and why their freedom is so tremendously important to fight for.”

There is also a new video documentary on the Web site freethehikers.org.

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