Welcome to winter

How do you explain Minnesota to people who’ve never been here?

You show them this, which someone shot after the big snowfall over the weekend.

  • That is a great video!

  • Cara

    But why? Why would anyone do that?

  • davidz

    I explain to folks that our outdoor pop machines have to be heated to keep the bottles/cans from freezing during the winter.

    That tends to cause a double-take.

  • jon

    davidz, I’ve mentioned how we have to put our beer into a snow bank to help insulate it and keep it from freezing as fast.

  • Tom

    @Cara: Because it’s awesome!

  • Joanna


  • Catherine

    Because it’s what all MN kids learn to do… light something on fire, then ski on it… ?

  • Hillary

    Years ago, I went to Target the morning of the first snow to buy a snow brush (I’d gotten my first post-college car the previous summer). I ended up explaining to the newly-immigrated cashier what it was for – she’d been confused for hours.

    These days I’m up to four scrapers and two snow brushes in the car.