The reality of November


Around 1 o’clock this afternoon, freezing rain hit the Rochester area and caused a series of car crashes. Officials sent this picture of one accident on I-90 westbound just west of Highway 52.

A young woman was trapped, extricated and taken to St. Mary’s.

Not long afterwards, I got a call from a family friend. She and her car skidded off Highway 52 in Zumbrota. I headed in that direction and I wasn’t treating Highway 52 lightly. And I’ve long been known as the best snow driver ever exported to Minnesota from Massachusetts.

It’s true that the current snowstorm isn’t “snowmageddon.” And it’s true that news and weatherpeople make a big deal out of an event or two that happens every year at this time (I’m more than guilty).

But it’s a big deal when you’re driving down the highway at a good clip and your car starts sliding and heading for a ditch or, worse, another car full of people who just want to get home. It happens to good people, even real Minnesotans who know it’s November and that it snows in Minnesota in November.

  • Michele

    So, whats new, well it’s winter in MN and it’s the Thanksgiving travel time and like countless previous Thanksgiving weekends we are having terrible travel weather. Is this news?

    How about this…lets actually talk about news? Lets talk about Representative Hackbarth who was found packing heat outside a closed Planned Parenthood clinic in the Highland Park neighborhood of St Paul. Lets also mention that when the police questioned him about what he was doing outside a PP with a gun, Rep Hackbarth said he was looking for a woman he meet online the day before but with whom he failed to make a “love connection”. He said he thought she was cheating on him, despite not having an actual relationship with her. The police let him go even though he didn’t remember her name or the website he meet her on. He does have a CC permit despite having a tenuous grasp on what is normal behavior.

    Oh yeah, you guessed it he’s from Anoka Co, home of la-bachmann. Is there a problem with the water over there or what?

  • Bob Collins

    You know, Michele, the good thing about News Cut is it doesn’t HAVE to be either-or. Those things you say we should talk about, I talked about this morning on the Five By Eight post.

  • Michele

    My apologies, Bob.